Angriness of death

Angriness of death

Your depreciatory looks are burn-in in my memories
Your voice distorted by contempt sound in my head
I still feel your hard whams into my face on my skin
My unexpressed angriness against you sits deep in my heart
My contempt against you accumulate in every second
What did I do wrong?
Why do you hate me so much?
For a long time I’m thinking again on suicide
Fast and painless
Thereby I wonder what a face you would make
How you would react when you would find my body
What would you feel?
Would you regret something?
Or wouldn’t you give a damn about it?
Would you be glad?

My interest ascends
One dire grin
The first cut
Not deep
My otherwise white forearm gleam crimson
How would you react?
Another cut
The pain does well
One red puddle
Would you miss me?
A third cut
This time along
Or even weeping about me?
One last hopeful smile
The fourth cut
Everything blurs
The world became black
One last sentences comes over my lips
“I love you…”
The heartbeat
The last breath
I exhale my life
The last word swallows by death

11.1.07 19:47

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