Parental play

Parental play

Up yours!
Search another punching bag for your breakdown
It is your education which made me to this what I am
You are the ones who make me such sick
My friends aren’t to blame for this
Only you
Search another punching bag
Maybe you should search the fault on you!
Don’t shift the blame on others!
At the moment I don’t give a shit whether I die
Also I don’t give a shit whether you die
The main thing is that I needn’t see you again
Mainly I dispose you
You can save your affectation of being parents
Either way all is feigned
Your favourite child sits next-door
So leave me alone!
Let me live my life
If I could go my way I wouldn’t rest here anymore
Away from all
Away from you
Away form the tears which come daily above me
Away form the pain when I hear you so angrily
Singly away
Is this asked too much?
Apparent yes, because you don’t let me go
Let me go!
Let me go!
My cry for help die away in my empty room
You don’t hear it.
Nobody hear it.
But I don’t give a damn about
Such callous

11.1.07 19:49

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