The house of cards

The house of card

What should I do?
I have destroyed my perfect world
The shards of this world gush down on me
I’m in the thick of it

I disperse my arms
Trying to arrange my world again
Trying to pick up all the shards
But it’s no use
I can’t get at it

The world is destroyed
My so-called perfect world
She broke down like a house of cards
Inexorably; piece for piece
I can only watch

Why does nobody help me?
Why does nobody pull me out of this pile of shards?
Is my cry for help not loud enough?
Can’t you hear him?
The world, I’ve built such cumbersome, break up in my hands

Was it just illusion; hallucination?
Wasn’t it such perfect as I thought?
Now it never minds.

The shards lie on the floor
I’m in the thick of it
Sinking in the darkness of nothingness

11.1.07 19:52

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